Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Social Media

Social media is an amazing gift from a handful of Harvard men to women around the world. Who is it again that likes to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk? It is us women. Who do we love and trust the most? Our women friends.

Cue the music and here comes that really special someone - social media!

So now women have an easy way to spread our own sound bytes. The talking head is becoming obscure in my life and has completely lost out to the things my friends have to say. My friends forward fabulous (primary) research articles, post updates about their lives, and post hilarious outtakes from the couple of shows I would bother watching if I had time.

To be honest, the talking head lost out a long time ago. I realized that watching the news made me feel anxious, sad, and mad. It added a lot of stress because I could not do anything about the things making me anxious, sad, and mad. Have you read the study that proved the female way to handle stress is not "fight or flight" but instead, "tend and befriend."

With social media I CAN do something when I see a news item that makes me anxious, sad, or mad. Just the act of sharing it helps me to process it and let it go without forgetting what the message was that I needed from the news item. And with all the political stressors in our lives these days, no wonder we are tending and befriending like crazy.

Social media allows us to light that match, set it to the tinder, and watch the blaze grow. When we agree with things or think they are amazing - off it goes. So now we have the ability to share the information, influence other mothers, and organize activities we think are necessary in our communities. We are powerful with our computers and the mainstream media should be soon back in its role of reporting the news rather than making the news.

So for now, the plan is to throw a big party and see who shows up. We are throwing as big a party as you want to make it. Hope to see you this Thursday & Friday on the Capitol steps. Picnic-in with a purpose! We hope eventually some of our leaders and their families might want to join us. After all, it is everybody's Capitol.

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