Saturday, March 10, 2012


So what are we up to?

We are having a motherly version of a sit-in, with a focus on educating the kids and talking amongst ourselves. We meet at the Capitol steps on Thursdays. Or any other day you feel like going with a neighbor.

This is not *just* about Women's Rights although it definitely got kicked off for that reason. Well, maybe quite a bit about the First Amendment too. Personal freedoms, for sure!

We welcome any Mother who is concerned about something in her world impacted by politics. This really means every Mother! Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Independent, EVERYONE. Whether your children are as yet unborn, potty training, school aged and asking lots of questions, or full grown and out of the house, you are welcome.

We will cultivate shared responsibility and talk about the things that concern us the most. If there is a group in this world to be trusted with making well-informed decisions, it is Mothers. So bring your kids or just yourself and come down for an afternoon picnic at our gorgeous Capitol!

Here is the official wording from an invitation:

Join Mothers' Awakening to picnic with a PURPOSE! Thursday the 8th was such a BLAST we would like to invite you to doing it again with us. Come join mothers and children to discuss civics lessons, speak with Senators/Representatives/staffers, roam the grounds, or anything else you want to do to get EDUCATED about Virginia politics. We will invite public figures to talk to the kids and encourage a wide range of open, honest, and respectful dialogue between Virginians.

So join us at 1000 Bank Street in Richmond, Virginia. Some will get there a little before noon and many others will come around 12:30 - 1:00. Preschool pickup and all that. We will have a wonderful time and plan to stay until around 3 PM or so. Come and go as you need to.


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    1. Thanks Tam! We're just throwing the party - all the families at the party are the ones who really ROCK!

  2. More mothers choosing other days. Friday, March 23rd is now on the "schedule" as well -- around noon on the Capitol steps. I'll work on getting a calendar added to this blog ASAP.