Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creating Space

We need to create a space. A space for loving, compassionate, positive dialogue about events affecting the future of our families for generations to come.

Photo courtesy of Rick Kidd Photography

A space that bans hate speech and does not define itself by differences but instead by the values we share.

Mothers are used to creating this space. Every day we coach children to change how they say something so they can be heard. We negotiate peace on the playground. We make sure solutions are fair to everyone involved, realizing that nobody will get everything they want.

We MUST create this space for our political, both state and national, dialogue. Laws and policies need to represent OUR concerns and be weighed against the future of OUR children.

Mothers have built in BS detectors. And right now they are going off on a wide range of topics. We are done being "too busy" with our responsibilities and we will do that which we are uniquely created to do. Multi-task.

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