Friday, March 30, 2012

Picnic-In - March 29th

I think yesterday was perhaps my favorite Picnic-In thus far. Just to make a point, the day before the arraignment of those arrested on March 3rd, we put a call out for our friends to join us for a photo opportunity. We gathered to take a picture on the Capitol steps hunkered down, arm in arm, just as the peaceful protestors had sat behind the line of SWAT officers immediately preceding their arrests.

The mood was jovial but the kids were hot and asked to move to the big shade trees, so we quickly snapped this pic before moving to the shade:

Image courtesy of Christophile Konstas

Just to point out a few things I love about this pic. First, a DAD joined us - men are definitely welcome to join us and I hope he found us charming and hospitable :)

Second, two nursing kiddos in the front row. Love it!

Finally, thirty-four citizens, some voting and some non-voting, sitting on the steps peacefully and NOT being arrested. Right before the photo was taken, in jest I hollered, "If anyone tries to pick you up just go limp." So if we're all laughing it may either be from that or from my next immediate thought, "WAIT! What are we teaching our children?" These kiddos may possibly end up advocating against us for their own rights as teenagers, but I welcome an active citizenry in our household!

So if hanging out with friends, talking about our beautiful state, and discussing the politics of the day sounds like fun to you, please join us next Thursday, April 5th. The majority of the moms are picking up preschoolers so the crowd doesn't really arrive until about 1 PM. But it is a load of fun. Here is the Facebook event / invite if that is something helpful to you.

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