Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Next Move

I had an excellent conversation with a friend's father-in-law the other day, a retired lawyer who still takes the occasional trip down to the General Assembly. Among some of his comments:

I support you ladies and what you're doing. Are you organized yet? What's your next move?

He was really happy to see/hear that we went down and had a "Picnic-In" at the Capitol to make the point that it is the peoples' steps and that the First Amendment says congress shall make NO LAWS to limit freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. It was a small act, but a good act. He and his wife enjoyed the bit of news coverage we received and apparently flipped from channel to channel to watch it.

Which leaves his really good question on the table: "What's your next move?"

Image from PrayTheDevilBackToHell.com/

Well, our next move is a public showing of an inspiring movie, "Pray the Devil Back to Hell." Let us watch the power to be had if women spend personal time with the purpose and intent of changing their reality. Let us watch the triumph that can be had when two "sides" come together for the greater good. How does it look when women's strength and love triumphs over guns? We are lucky to live in the United States with enough rights and freedoms to change the direction of our country's politics, but we have to get involved.

Mothers' Awakening is about mothers waking up to the reality of our situation and that it is not in the best interest of future generations to sit on the sidelines and continue to hope for the best. We have got to get involved now. Climate change. Our industrialized, nutrient lacking food supply. Compassion in politics. Personal freedoms. We have all got to get involved to ensure the future is a kinder, gentler, more responsible future.

After the movie we will hear from local women who have "woken up" and are stepping out of their homes and into action.

We hope friends and neighbors will come out for a day together and to start talking. The kind of talking that has been missing for too long. Women must keep talking and turn the volume up, a notch at a time, until you can no longer drown out the voices that were once missing in the political conversation, mothers, fathers, grandparents, all busy people living their "normal" lives. We can live those normal lives, but we must all keep our eyes on the political machinery that shapes our future!

So come join us this Thursday at the Capitol for another Picnic-In and again Saturday, March 24th at 1 PM at the Byrd Theatre. Come watch the story unfold knowing that the women in "Pray the Devil Back to Hell" were eventually honored with the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. Dare to be amazing.

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