Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Had A Dream

A beautiful Mothers' Awakening "I Had A Dream" speech was received in my inbox and it is too beautiful to be kept hidden away.

I had a dream last night that I was sitting outside in the bright noonday sun with a large group of women of all races, all ages, all walks if life, and we were telling the story of Leymah Gbowee and the revolution in Liberia, and declaring all of the things we would do for our children, all the ends we would go to, all the sacrifices and hope we would carry, all the work we would roll our sleeves up to do...and the list of the things we would give up, and things we would build in order to give a kind world to our children was endless. We were crying and raising our fists to the sky and proclaiming our power, our resolve, our unity. The sun was so bright, everyone's lighted faces and fists were so beautiful.

CLEARLY, even in my sleep, I am overcome by the beauty, the potential, the mounting momentum of this revolution. Something within me knows that this is a critical time for critical issues and that we MUST act, and we ARE. I am humbled and buoyed by you amazing women, by everyone who is showing up with light in their hands and hearts in this dark time. We are already changing things--awakening ourselves and the children, partners & friends we love--and change like this--change powered by love--can bring us and the coming generations to a more enlightened, a kinder, a more just place. I believe that. I really, really believe.

An unjust world is a world no mother wants for her child. Please consider in your heart whether you feel called to do something about whatever topic it is that is most meaningful to you and your family.

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