Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PDBH - March 24

We have been quietly (and quickly) planning our first educational opportunity for this beautiful river city. Considering our tender age of almost two weeks old we determined that our first educational opportunity should give a nod to our muse. No, not Rush Limbaugh, silly... Our beautiful, strong, motherly muse: Leymah Gbowee!

On 1 PM on March 24th at the Byrd Theatre in Carytown, we will show "Pray the Devil Back to Hell." This movie documents the incredible story of Liberian women, both Christian and Muslim, who came together to stop a devastating civil war. The women involved were ordinary citizens. Mothers with busy and sometimes terrifying lives with nothing to lose except the future for their children.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to mothers like ourselves; ordinary moms, busy with ordinary, everyday life, but mother who could be an incredible agent of change if they embrace their powers and engage in changing our world so it is a better place for future generations.

This state, country, and world cannot afford for the most empathetic to be apathetic. It is time to bring our loving compassion, strength, and resolve to the table. When we stand together we stand strong. Come stand with us!

Please grab a few friends and join us at the Byrd. Tickets can be purchased online at

Whether you are able to make it yourself, consider downloading a flyer to e-mail and/or print and post around town. To do so, please click here. Also available is a page with five bookmarks if that is easier to print/cut/circulate for you.

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