Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Tiniest Who

It has been quite awhile since I've read Dr. Seuss', "Horton hears a Who," but if I remember part of the story correctly, EVERY Who down in Whoville had to join in a chorus of voices to prove they existed.

As I remember it, it required the voice of even the tiniest Who.  That works great for this post.  Wikipedia says something about a shirker named JoJo, which isn't helping this blog post at all, so we'll just have to go with my revisionist history.  ;-)

This weekend Richmond is providing a wonderful opportunity for the youngest citizens to find their own voice on a topic that is very meaningful to them.  From the Facebook event page:

The Radical Idea of Sharing!
This is one of the most important lessons that we learn as children. This is an invitation for children of our communities to come help us (adults) relearn this very important lesson by marching in solidarity with one another for all the many reasons that it is important to SHARE!

We will begin at 1pm by meeting new families, making art, signs, and writing. We want to hear diverse children's perspectives around the questions of sharing, and what is important to them in general such as...

what does sharing mean to you?
why is sharing important?
what is your favorite part of sharing?
we also want to encourage kids to put any message down that is important to them!
etc etc etc

We will continue this creative time until around 2. We will then gather and march for sharing with the children leading the way. We encourage everyone to bring music, instruments, pots, pans, and party noise makers.

Anything to get this important message heard loud and clear and to keep it fun! We will hopefully wrap up around 3pm.

This march looks to include kids and their parents with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

This weekend kicks off the May Day celebrations around town for International Workers' Day and also for Immigrants' Rights.  If these causes are important to you, find an event or two to attend!  And if helping your child find his/her voice is important then bring them to the children's parade and talk about sharing.  What a fabulous and fun idea!

Here is the Facebook event link:

Hope to see your kiddo there with a sign about whatever is important to them!!!

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